Recently landing my first full-time job as a DevOps Sysadmin has been a blessing in my life so far. In more than 20 years, I’ve known only one persistent passion. Computers. Everything about this field fills me with interest and joy, I always wanted to break and learn stuff since I can remember, having started at the young age of 5 years old.

Today, I come at you like the computer whiz kid that everyone saw me as, and the same passion for learning more than I can possibly retain. will be my home for (hopefully, but no promises) a long time with one specific objective: what I learn, you learn. Nothing else.

What you might find is my day to day happening written for easy consumption. Or anything else that deeply interests me and stuff I want everybody to know.

You can also find me, and my art on ArtStation [NSFW] and on Discord wisewtf#0001

Thank you for reading.