Hello! My name is Daniel, AKA Wise. I'm an Italy-based IT person working in the DevOps field as a SysAdmin (and a future programmer as well).

I created this website to share all of my passions in one centralized place and to avoid the moderation woes of having to post my content on big social media.

On my blog, I will post IT articles spanning from anything that piques my interest, to full-blown tutorials about any topic. My main focus will be helping the hobbyist self-hoster deal with servers and services at home, in the most professional-like and secure way possible.

The other focus of this website, as you might have seen on the home page, is my art. Which is divided in two, the default area is my conceptual 3D art and my photography. Both of those things can be very grotesque as they are born from parts of me that tend to come out hard and often. Each piece will have its history and description, so don't be scared and go read if you enjoyed something.

That's all from me!